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MSR Remembered by Dreamcast-Europe

MSR REMEMBERED (24.10.2001)

Once around the block! We turn back the milometre on MSR!  Take some of the snazziest sports cars there are and hurl them around the streets of three of the world's most distinctive cities, all reproduced in stunningly accurate detail.' This is how we rattled on about MSR when it first pulled into our driveway about a year ago (was it really that long?), and boy we weren't far wrong!

In last week's Dreamarena poll we asked you which top Sega racer revved your engine most, and a whopping 64 per cent of you crazy drivers voted for MSR. Seeing as it won by a country mile we asked you for your memories of everyone's fave road racer...

Chapter and verse! Talking through your MSR's...

The roads and surroundings are so real that you really feel you're driving around and crashing into places like Piccadilly Circus.
Deepak, Northampton.

MSR - the undisputed top racer on the road!
Anthony, Cheltenham

The more I played it, the more I wanted to complete every chapter. Keep 'em coming Sega.
Jaz, Brixton.

Superb driving and control is required to master this game, but that's what it's all about. Unmissable. 
Kiran, Redditch.

The racing game of all racing games if you ask me - and with the Racing Controller it purrs like a kitten. 
Donovan, Sunderland.

The only chance to speed through London, Tokyo, and San Francisco without getting a ticket, or nearly knocking over a tourist!
Kellie, Luton

Burn rubber without burning a hole in your pocket. 
Ronnie, Aberdeen

Wheel-spinning a Porsche [?!] around Leicester Square has never been so much fun! (not that I've done it in real life, you understand!) 
Axel F, Shrewsbury

MSR manages to be both an engrossing one player experience and a brilliant two player game - a rare feat for a driving game.
Jacques Swach, Kensington

The real-time weather ensures that MSR is never less than challenging - have you tried racing five cars around the back streets of Tokyo in the middle of the night? 
Jazzy, Staines


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