Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Speed Challenge Competition

One of the promotions Sega Europe did for MSR was this Speed Challenge competition.....

Basically this was a 'fastest lap' competition over 3 courses (one in each city) using MSR's headline car, the VX220/Speedster.  After getting a fast time, you would then upload them to the leaderboards within Dreamarena.  Here's a picture of the London ranking (scanned from ODM #17):

Frustratingly you are forced to drive with automatic gears (and I think ABS is on too), however those winning players did managed some spectacular times:

The London Challenge (St James's Park/Long/Parliament Street South II)
Best lap: 1'10.422 set by benvollo (France)

The San Francisco Challenge (Financial District/Medium/Market West II) 

Best lap: 1'01.327 set by Sirus (UK)

The Tokyo Challenge (Shinjuku/Long/Higashi-Dori Kita II)
Best lap: 0'56.034 set by Manasel (Spain)

Link: Sega Europe News Archive (March 2001)

Here's an interview with the San Francisco Challenge winner in ODM #18:

The Speed Challenge option can be found by selecting INTERNET on the main menu.  Of course you are unable to upload your times since Dreamarena has been closed since March 2002!  I managed to beat the above times in 2010/2011 but not via the Speed Challenge option.  Instead I made Time Trials of the above courses so I could use manual gears and switch ABS off.  Here are my video replays for each course however if you think I'm fast, just remember the winners had to do it in automatic!

If you can get your Dreamcast online and wish to challenge these times, please visit my download site at

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