Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Car Winners

In order to promote Metropolis Street Racer, Sega Europe held a couple of competitions where you could win an actual Vauxhall VX220 (or Opel Speedster if you lived on the continent).  This first competition is the most well known:  Win Your Dream Car On Dreamarena!

Promotional leaflet found inside PAL copies of MSR

For this competition, you had to log into Dreamarena and answer a series of multiple choice questions within strict time limits.  Get them right and you were awarded "kilometers".  The more kilometers you got, the higher up the leaderboard you went.  In order to make things interesting, Sega Europe added a gambling option which was basically "double or quits".  Very risky as you risked sending your kilometers to zero in one go but if you wanted to be in with a chance of winning, you had to gamble.  Here's the winner story from the UK Official Dreamcast Magazine (Issue 19 - May 2001).

I guess the Dreamarena phone charges would have been enough to cover the cost of this competition so that;s probably why they did it.  Personally I think a competition where you win a car by actually playing MSR would have been more appropriate. And that's exactly what they did in France with the Micromania Kudos Challenge.....

Micromania is a French game store.   Basically you had to race across set courses and rack up as many kudos as possible without using a joker, however there was a twist for the final.  Here are the course and results:

Preliminary Selection 08/01/2001 - 11/02/2001
Course: Street Race - Chapter 18 - Race 7 (Old Palace Yard North). 

Not sure what the best score was but kudos scores of 4000+ were recorded

Selection for the final: 24/02/2001 between 1400 to 1600
Course: Street Race - Chapter 19 - Race 7 (Parliament Street South II)

Top Score: 9458.40 Kudos!!

Grand National Final: 17/03/2001 1400 to 1600 
Course: Street Race - Chapter 20 - Race 7 - Jefferson West IV - Target position 4 
Course: Street Race - Chapter 20 - Race 8 - Nishi Shinjuku Restaurant - Target position 4

Now this is interesting: to win, you had to get the LOWEST combined Kudos score on the above courses.  
The winning result was 0 (Zero) kudos!

The Grand National Final took place at the Auto Passion Cafe in France.  Here is the lucky winner of the Opel Speedster:

Considering the kudos system is riddled with bugs, I'm wondering how these guys must have played.  I imagine a lot of sideways skidding and spinning in circles!  However with scores of 9000+ kudos on a single course and with no joker allowed, that definitely an achievement!  Wonder if that guy still has his car though??    

Sadly as I've not been able to trace the winners, their faces/names will have to remain blanked out.

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