Thursday, 2 July 2020

Track names and their location codes (Ghost Attack/Time Trials)

If you save a ghost/time trial, you will see the track's "location code" visible in the file manager rather than the actual track name itself.  The location code shows the city district, the length of the track (S for Short, M for Medium and L for Long) and the tracks's number as displayed on the Time Attack/Record screens within the game.

For example, "Fishermans S-1" is Jones South;  you have the city district Fishermans (short for Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco), the track length (in this case, S for Short) and the track number as displayed on the Time Attack/Record screens within the game (in this case, number 1). 

Please note, the Free Roam courses are not listed here.


Fishermans S-1: Jones South
Fishermans S-2: Columbus North
Fishermans S-3: Beach East
Fishermans S-4: Francisco West
Fishermans S-5: Leavenworth South
Fishermans S-6: Embarcadero East III
Fishermans S-7: Jefferson East
Fishermans S-8: Taylor South II
Fishermans S-9: Taylor South
Fishermans S-10: Taylor North II

Fishermans M-1: Jefferson West III
Fishermans M-2: Embarcadero East II
Fishermans M-3: Jefferson East II
Fishermans M-4: Francisco East
Fishermans M-5: Beach East III
Fishermans M-6: Beach East II
Fishermans M-7: Embarcadero East
Fishermans M-8: Taylor North
Fishermans M-9: Leavenworth North
Fishermans M-10: Hyde North

Fishermans L-1: Jefferson West V
Fishermans L-2: Hyde North III
Fishermans L-3: Jefferson West
Fishermans L-4: Fishermans Challenge
Fishermans L-5: Jefferson West IV
Fishermans L-6: Fisherman's Wharf East
Fishermans L-7: Hyde North II
Fishermans L-8: Embarcadero West
Fishermans L-9: Embarcadero West II


Financial S-1: Washington East
Financial S-2: Pine East
Financial S-3: Washington West III
Financial S-4: Davis South
Financial S-5: Merchant East II
Financial S-6: Merchant East
Financial S-7: Pine West
Financial S-8: Market South
Financial S-9: Davis North
Financial S-10: Washington East III
Financial S-11: Washington East II
Financial S-12: Market South II

Financial M-1: Embarcadero North IV
Financial M-2: Embarcadero South
Financial M-3: Pine East II
Financial M-4: Davis North II
Financial M-5: Steuart South
Financial M-6: Embarcadero North II
Financial M-7: Sansome South II
Financial M-8: Sansome North V
Financial M-9: Sansome South III
Financial M-10: Sansome South
Financial M-11: Market West II
Financial M-12: Embarcadero North

Financial L-1: Steuart North
Financial L-2: Sansome North IV
Financial L-3: Market West
Financial L-4: Sansome North
Financial L-5: Market East
Financial L-6: Financial Challenge
Financial L-7: Davis South II
Financial L-8: Sansome North II
Financial L-9: Sansome North III 
Financial L-10: Embarcadero North III


Pacific S-1: Octavia North II
Pacific S-2: Jackson East
Pacific S-3: Vallejo East
Pacific S-4: Pacific East II
Pacific S-5: Octavia South II
Pacific S-6: Buchanan North
Pacific S-7: Octavia South
Pacific S-8: Gough South

Pacific M-1: Octavia North
Pacific M-2: Washington East IV
Pacific M-3: Washington West
Pacific M-4: Buchanan South
Pacific M-5: Jackson East II
Pacific M-6: Broadway West
Pacific M-7: Buchanan South II
Pacific M-8: Pacific Challenge

Pacific L-1: Pacific East
Pacific L-2: Gough North II
Pacific L-3: Washington West II
Pacific L-4: Jackson West
Pacific L-5: Gough North
Pacific L-6: Gough North III
Pacific L-7: Webster North


St James' S-1: Queen Victoria Memorial
St James' S-2: Buckingham Gate South
St James' S-3: Buckingham Gate North
St James' S-4: Great George Street East II
St James' S-5: King Charles Street West
St James' S-6: Horse Guards East
St James' S-7: St James Park West
St James' S-8: Great George Street East
St James' S-9: St James Park Bridge North
St James' S-10: Birdcage Walk West II
St James' S-11: Great George Street West

St James' M-1: St James Park West II
St James' M-2: Horse Guards South II
St James' M-3: St James Park North
St James' M-4: Birdcage Walk East III
St James' M-5: Birdcage Walk East II
St James' M-6: Cabinet War Rooms North
St James' M-7: Horse Guards North
St James' M-8: The Cenotaph North
St James' M-9: St James Bridge South
St James' M-10: Horse Guards South
St James' M-11: Birdcage Walk West III

St James' L-1: Birdcage Walk West
St James' L-2: The Mall East
St James' L-3: Whitehall South
St James' L-4: St James Challenge
St James' L-5: The Mall West IV
St James' L-6: Parliament Street South
St James' L-7: The Forecourt South
St James' L-8: Birdcage Walk East
St James' L-9: Parliament Street South II


Trafalgar S-1: Charing Cross Road South
Trafalgar S-2: Leicester Square North
Trafalgar S-3: Nelson's Column South
Trafalgar S-4: Trafalgar South
Trafalgar S-5: Nelson's Column North
Trafalgar S-6: St Martins North
Trafalgar S-7: Strand North
Trafalgar S-8: Trafalgar East
Trafalgar S-9: Cockspur Street East
Trafalgar S-10: Pall Mall East II

Trafalgar M-1: The Mall West V
Trafalgar M-2: Admiralty Arch East
Trafalgar M-3: Pall Mall West
Trafalgar M-4: St Martins North II
Trafalgar M-5: Pall Mall East
Trafalgar M-6: Regent Street South
Trafalgar M-7: Trafalgar Challenge
Trafalgar M-8: Regent Street South III
Trafalgar M-9: Charing Cross East
Trafalgar M-10: Coventry Street West

Trafalgar L-1: Irving Street East
Trafalgar L-2: Regent Street North II
Trafalgar L-3: Regent Street South II
Trafalgar L-4: The Mall West III
Trafalgar L-5: Regent Street North
Trafalgar L-6: Charing Cross Road North
Trafalgar L-7: The Mall East II
Trafalgar L-8: The Mall West II


Westminster S-1: Parliament Square Circular
Westminster S-2: Parliament Square West
Westminster S-3: Parliament Square South
Westminster S-4: St Thomas' North
Westminster S-5: Lambeth Bridge East
Westminster S-6: Houses Of Parliament South
Westminster S-7: A23 West
Westminster S-8: Parliament Square West II

Westminster M-1: Millbank South
Westminster M-2: Parliament Square East
Westminster M-3: Westminster Bridge East II
Westminster M-4: Lambeth Palace Road North
Westminster M-5: Lambeth Bridge West
Westminster M-6: Westminster Bridge East
Westminster M-7: Westminster Challenge

Westminster L-1: Bridge Street West
Westminster L-2: Old Palace Yard North
Westminster L-3: Westminster Bridge East IV
Westminster L-4: Westminster Bridge East III
Westminster L-5: New Palace Yard South
Westminster L-6: Abingdon Street South


Asakusa S-1: Shin-Nakamise Kita
Asakusa S-2: Eki-Iriguchi Minami
Asakusa S-3: Chikatetsu-Noriba Minami
Asakusa S-4: Senso-ji Kita
Asakusa S-5: Shin-Nakamise Minami
Asakusa S-6: Asakusa Ni-Chome Kita
Asakusa S-7: Asakusa-Chuo Minami
Asakusa S-8: Kanko-Annal Nishi
Asakusa S-9: Akeido Higashi
Asakusa S-10: Asakusa Eki Minami

Asakusa M-1: Umamichi Minami
Asakusa M-2: Nishi Sumida-Gawa Kita
Asakusa M-3: Hato-bus Noriba Nita
Asakusa M-4: Nakamise Kita
Asakusa M-5: Asakusa Elementary
Asakusa M-6: Koen Nishi
Asakusa M-7: Senso-ji Iriguchi Kita
Asakusa M-8: Beer-Biru Tonneru
Asakusa M-9: Koen Kita

Asakusa L-1: Kenko-Center Higashi
Asakusa L-2: Nishi Sumida-Gawa
Asakusa L-3: Beer-Biru Minami
Asakusa L-4: Asakusa Challenge
Asakusa L-5: Asakusa Eki-Iriguchi
Asakusa L-6: Sumida-Gawa North
Asakusa L-7: Koen Minami
Asakusa L-8: Asakusa Ni-Chome


Shibuya S-1: Eki-Higashi-Guchi
Shibuya S-2: Fukushikaikan Higashi
Shibuya S-3: Plaza-Mae Minami
Shibuya S-4: Shibuya Ichi-Chome Kita
Shibuya S-5: Hachiko-Mae Higashi
Shibuya S-6: Route 246 Nishi
Shibuya S-7: Shibuya Ichi-Chome Minami
Shibuya S-8: Yubinkyoku-Mae Higashi
Shibuya S-9: Eki Kita-Koukashita Nishi

Shibuya M-1: Shibuya Hotel-Mae Kita
Shibuya M-2: Marui Kousaten Minami
Shibuya M-3: Syobo-syo Kita
Shibuya M-4: Eki Minami Guchi
Shibuya M-5: Miyashita-Koen Nishi
Shibuya M-6: Shibuya Kita
Shibuya M-7: Seibu-Mae Minami
Shibuya M-8: Shibuya Marui Kita
Shibuya M-9: SegaWorld Minami

Shibuya L-1: Koen-Dori Nishi
Shibuya L-2: Shibuya Marui Minami
Shibuya L-3: West Bus Depot South
Shibuya L-4: Shibuya Challenge
Shibuya L-5: Eki-Minami Koukashita
Shibuya L-6: Tokyo Denryoku-Mae Kita
Shibuya L-7: Shibuya Kuyakusho-Mae Minami


Shinjuku S-1: Business Gai Nishi
Shinjuku S-2: Eki Bus Noriba Kita
Shinjuku S-3: Odakyu Nishi-Gawa
Shinjuku S-4: Ohme Kaido Higashi
Shinjuku S-5: Odakyu Nishi
Shinjuku S-6: Bus Noriba Kita
Shinjuku S-7: Nishi Shinjuku Kita
Shinjuku S-8: Higashi Dori Minami
Shinjuku S-9: Chuo-Dori Higashi
Shinjuku S-10: Business Gai Minami
Shinjuku S-11: Shinjuku Challenge
Shinjuku S-12: Shinjuku Gard Minami*

Shinjuku M-1: Shinjuku Hodokyo Shita
Shinjuku M-2: Bus Rotary Kita
Shinjuku M-3: Nishi Guchi Bus Noriba
Shinjuku M-4: Kosyu Kaido Nishi II
Shinjuku M-5: Kita Dori Higashi
Shinjuku M-6: Shinjuku Restaurant Higashi
Shinjuku M-7: Shinjuku Minami-Guchi
Shinjuku M-8: Tocho Dori Minami
Shinjuku M-9: Tocho Kita-Dori Higashi
Shinjuku M-10: Nishi Shinjuku 2 Chome
Shinjuku M-11: Tocho-Dori Higashi
Shinjuku M-12: Eki Nishi-Guchi Minami

Shinjuku L-1: Shinjuku Ni-Chome Nishi
Shinjuku L-2: Nishi Shinjuku Eki Kita
Shinjuku L-3: Eki Nishi-Guchi Kita
Shinjuku L-4: Higashi Dori Kita II
Shinjuku L-5: Ohme Kaido Nishi
Shinjuku L-6: Shinjuku-Gard Minami*
Shinjuku L-7: Nishi Shinjuku Ni-Chome
Shinjuku L-8: Kosyu Kaido Nishi
Shinjuku L-9: Ohme Kaido Nishi II
Shinjuku L-10: Sumitomo-Biru Higashi
Shinjuku L-11: Nishi Shinjuku Restaurant

* Both courses have the same name; only difference is the hyphen.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

MSR Alpha Version: Airbourne / Somersaulting Honda

A Honda leaving the ground on the downhill sections on San Francisco.  The alpha game crashes when the car somersaults through the road.  Both the Honda and the ability to leave the ground were pulled from the final version of MSR (as ordered by the car manufacturers and Honda respectively).

Sunday, 7 June 2020

"MISSING" posters found in San Francisco (Pacific Heights)

I used the Free Roam option (within Time Attack) to search the area.  For more information on these posters, please visit the following link:

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

MSR post from jumpyspider (unsure if fact or fiction)

This post was found on an old website and was written two days after MSR was released (5 November).  As mentioned above, I don't know if this article is true or not.  The author had a penchant for horse puns though!    

After speaking to Lucky from the Guardian we met up with his mate Henry and another ex-Bizarre Creations employee who wishes to remain maneless nameless to ask them about some problems we've had with the game, (see the next article for the bug list we discussed with them). When questioned employee-X spoke frankly about the development of MSR.

"Some of the people working on Metropolis were monkeys.. literally, that's why it took so long to hit the shelves. Many people were unhappy on the team, there was a lot of rivalry between the monkey coders and the horses, who were mainly working on building the tracks."

Henry was less critical but admitted the project had it's fair share of problems..

"There were many external factors that caused the delays on MSR, city planners were continually knocking down condemned and erecting new ones which caused us endless problems build the levels ,it was just on hurdle after another!
"While this was going on the coders were continually adding stuff, it wasn't so much a case of feature creep as full on feature charge! People adding things without consulting each other and the game become prone to random crashes and lock-ups.. in the end it was rushed through testing and as a result the finished version is bugged to shit.."

These opinions are not necessarily the opinions of Bizarre Creations. Both Henry and his friend have now moved on to pastures new....


Monday, 3 April 2017

MSR Remembered by Dreamcast-Europe

MSR REMEMBERED (24.10.2001)

Once around the block! We turn back the milometre on MSR!  Take some of the snazziest sports cars there are and hurl them around the streets of three of the world's most distinctive cities, all reproduced in stunningly accurate detail.' This is how we rattled on about MSR when it first pulled into our driveway about a year ago (was it really that long?), and boy we weren't far wrong!

In last week's Dreamarena poll we asked you which top Sega racer revved your engine most, and a whopping 64 per cent of you crazy drivers voted for MSR. Seeing as it won by a country mile we asked you for your memories of everyone's fave road racer...

Chapter and verse! Talking through your MSR's...

The roads and surroundings are so real that you really feel you're driving around and crashing into places like Piccadilly Circus.
Deepak, Northampton.

MSR - the undisputed top racer on the road!
Anthony, Cheltenham

The more I played it, the more I wanted to complete every chapter. Keep 'em coming Sega.
Jaz, Brixton.

Superb driving and control is required to master this game, but that's what it's all about. Unmissable. 
Kiran, Redditch.

The racing game of all racing games if you ask me - and with the Racing Controller it purrs like a kitten. 
Donovan, Sunderland.

The only chance to speed through London, Tokyo, and San Francisco without getting a ticket, or nearly knocking over a tourist!
Kellie, Luton

Burn rubber without burning a hole in your pocket. 
Ronnie, Aberdeen

Wheel-spinning a Porsche [?!] around Leicester Square has never been so much fun! (not that I've done it in real life, you understand!) 
Axel F, Shrewsbury

MSR manages to be both an engrossing one player experience and a brilliant two player game - a rare feat for a driving game.
Jacques Swach, Kensington

The real-time weather ensures that MSR is never less than challenging - have you tried racing five cars around the back streets of Tokyo in the middle of the night? 
Jazzy, Staines