Wednesday, 28 October 2015

PRESS RELEASE - 22/03/1999 (Metropolis)

Bizarre Creations and Sega are proud to release the very first, early screenshots of their Dreamcast title, codenamed Metropolis.

Even though the game is still midway through development, we feel that the time is now right to show people something of Metropolis. Therefore, we are proud to release these five early screenshots, taken from the pre-Alpha version of the game.

The game is currently known under the working title of Metropolis. It is a city-based racing game, which has been in development for just over a year. Metropolis was commissioned by Sega to figure exclusively as a key title for the European Launch of Dreamcast.

As a specially created title for the console, the game has been designed to show off the impressive features of the Dreamcast. It should appeal to a broad audience – providing arcade thrills for the hardcore gamer and a more complex, progressive mode for the in-depth player.

As you can see from these early shots, the environments and cars are highly detailed. Both are still far from completion, and there are also many visual effects that still have to be implemented. However, we feel that the shots – taken in-game from the TV camera perspective – should give you a representative idea of the style of the game.

Metropolis is anticipated to be a world-wide release, with European release planned for the Dreamcast’s launch in this territory. No schedules are available for American and Japanese release as yet. More game details will be released at Metropolis’s press unveiling, later this year.


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