Saturday, 21 June 2014


Oh - and the first 'Global Challenge' (London) ends January 15th so you might want to enter that first - not that you'll beat my time of course l-)!

What is your time ?

It's whatever I want it to be my friend - as I've worked out how to edit the times in the VMU  :))  How does 1:06 grab you - 'believable' but I don't think it's achievable.  Seriously though, it took me less than 5 mins to change this as the programmers (obviously too busy fixing bugs) have put NO protection in there WHATSOEVER - not even a checksum which most gamesaves have!

Any times you see posted on the (Dreamarena ranking) site could well be fraudulent therefore and
I'm not inclined to waste my time any longer...

But for the record - my best 'real' time was a low 1:14 - which is slow, I know and hence my 'curiousity' to see if others could well have cheated...

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