Wednesday, 3 April 2013

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"So......why play MSR when its offspring, Project Gotham Racing, has taken the concept to new levels of popularity and competitiveness? Why bother with a old game from 2000 when the later PGR games offer incredible graphics, powerful supercars and a sensible kudos system? Well, in short....MSR's handling! The game has a very 'coin-op racer' feel and being a fan of Sega's Outrun 2SP, Daytona USA & Scud Race titles alongside Namco's Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune, this is something I really appreciate. To enhance this feeling, I strip the game right down to a car, an empty track and a clock to avoid the flaws (slowdown playing against CPU cars, broken kudos). It's ironic considering the strap line for MSR is "It's not how fast you drive but how you drive fast" yet the time attack modes are the reason I'm still playing today!" Quote from my Time Trial Transfer Guide (hosted at

OK, this is where I'm going to detail my various exploits on Metropolis Street Racer. While this Dreamcast classic has certainly aged and the Kudos system is very flawed, I've always enjoyed the arcadey driving physics. Basically it make me look a better driver than I actually am! :)

I'll conclude this post with my video review of MSR:

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